To be ready for middle school, high school, college, and life, we need to be thinkers.
We need to create.
We need to invent.
We need to be able to think and solve problems.
We need to be creative!

Of course, we work on these tasks in school, but check out the links below which will get you creating and thinking like never before!

Have fun, and be creative!

Bridge Building

This is a brain-teaser simulation game which develops your logical thinking skills and guarantees lots of fun at the same time. This is a challenging version of the bridge builder game with more levels to get through. Build a bridge in the blueprint game screen to help the creatures cross the chasm. Click on an anchor point to create a new bridge piece. Bridge pieces placed along the green line are the pieces the creatures can walk on, and the other pieces are there to support the structure.

FWG Bridge

In this fun and addicting bridge-building game, you need to build a strong bridge across a canyon so that the little creatures can cross it. You have an allocated budget given, which is counted in the bottom left corner of the game screen. You build the bridge on a blue mode screen. Once you complete the bridge, strange little creatures will try to cross it, and will test it for you in full. 

Zoo Builder

Being in charge of a large organization or business enterprise brings with it great responsibility… But throw a bunch of exotic animals and very fussy customers into the mix, and you’ve got yourself an elephant-sized challenge! Zoo Builder is an awesome management simulation and construction game where you have to design, build, and supervise a busy city zoo.

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