Apr 14, 2014


I hope everyone is having a great SPRING BREAK!

Here are a couple of things you can work on over break to keep your brain fresh.

*Division Practice
*Easter Parade Reading passage

Also, read the story below. Respond to the question in the comments and you will have a treat waiting for you on the first day back to school on April 22nd! :)

People argue over how to take care of homeless cats

ORLANDO, Fla. — Terise Marchelos pulled into a downtown parking lot. Soon, cats came running from all directions.
Lots and lots of cats — tabbies, tuxedos, tortoiseshells.
About 20 of the animals show up each evening when she arrives. The cats are homeless. Marchelos feeds them every day.
Marchelos belongs to a group called CARE Feline TNR. CARE feeds many homeless cats.

Life On The Streets

Not everyone is happy about something else CARE does, though. That something else is known as TNR, short for trap-neuter-return.
TNR works like this: People trap cats, then take them to a vet. The cats are spayed or neutered, so they won't be able to have kittens. Some of the cats get adopted. Others are returned to the place where they live.
People like Marchelos say TNR is a good idea. For them it is the best and kindest way to take care of homeless cats. And this country has a lot of feral cats: about 50 million.
Some people, though, say TNR is mean. Life on the streets is hard for cats, they say. Homeless cats are hit by cars and eaten by coyotes. People shoot at them and set them on fire.
The cats shouldn't be put back on the streets, they say. It would be kinder to put them to sleep instead.
That idea makes some people very angry. Cats have a right to live, they say.

Cats And Birds

There's one big reason some people don't like cats living on the streets: They kill a lot of birds. Some studies say more than a billion birds get killed by cats each year.
Cat lovers say cats don't really kill that many birds. The studies are wrong. Anyway, they add, people kill more birds than cats do.
Julie Wraithnell is a bird lover. She agrees that homeless cats do kill many, many birds. She still doesn't think cats should be put to sleep, though. Two wrongs don't make a right, she says.
Marchelos admits life on the streets is hard for cats. She’s seen it all: cats hit by trains, cats that have lost eyes, cats shot with BB guns.
But she thinks putting cats to sleep isn’t the answer. For one thing, it won't take care of the problem. Homeless cats will always be around, she says. So it’s best that they receive the best possible care.
“It’s never going to go away,” she said, looking out over her cats. “It’s not going to stop. This is still going to go on.”



    How do you think the problem of having too many cats in areas in America can be solved?

    Which ideas from the article do you most agree with? Discuss the article, as well as your personal opinions.

    I look forward to your responses.

    -Mr. Mault

  2. By neutering and spaying the cats. If people took care of their cats this would not happen. It is sad that the cats have to pay for what people create. Colin

    1. Colin,
      I agree with you...it is very sad that the animals have to pay for what humans are doing. When you're an adult, hopefully this problem fades away because people spay or neuter their pets.

      I hope you're having a good break! :)

      -Mr. Mault

  3. I think the problem with to many cats can be solved by having the cats being taken to the vet or and animal shelter so the cats can just have rabie shots and being adopted instead of having all the cats being put down. Once they have their shots the cats can go to an animal shelter so they can be adopted into a new home. It would be way better to have cats get rabie shots and going to and animal shelter so all the cats have a good chance of being adopted and getting the care and love that they all deserve.
    -Brooke N.

  4. dear mr.mault ,i dont think people should have to put down cats it is just sad i think they should just bring them to animal sheltres and jive them rabie shots and noder them so that the cats cant have kittens so there will be less homless cats getting hit by cars ,trains ,set on fire, atten by cyottes ,and shot with bb guns thes animils have the same right as we do to live . people say thatcats kill to many birds . but many cat lovers say the dont. julie wraithnell is abrid lover she says that many homless cats do kill alotof birds . i agree with her hommless cats dokill alot of birds ,and rats but they only do that because they need to eat so they dont go to sarvation . so that is what i think. love linziem

  5. i think the problem of to many cats can be solved by either keeping them indoors or haveing a fence so they can't just walk off. And if there are random cats walking down the street they should be brought to an animal shelter so they can be given rabbies shot and neutered. Linzie M.