Sep 16, 2014

The Fright Files

The Fright Files

We are beginning work on our Fright Files stories. Today, we listened to the story (see below), and began working on the pre-planning stage, writing from the perspective of someone who lived through the unthinkable events of this fateful day.

Soon, we will be publishing our work into a hardcover book which will be available to purchase.

     This is the real story of what happened on that fateful day in Fright, Maine. It had always been a normal town. Most said it was, “Ordinary-nothing special, thank you very much.” That all changed on that October day so long ago.
The townspeople woke up to a loud buzzing sound; a sound that no one had ever heard before. It seemed to be coming from everywhere. Everyone in the village looked for the source of the sound, but to no avail. Parents and kids continued to prepare for the day ahead of them, but with this unknown noise in the background, the people of Fright, Maine had trouble doing this seemingly easy task.
As the morning went on, kids began leaving their houses for school and parents began leaving their houses for work. But, something odd was happening, something even more odd than the loud buzzing that continued across the town of Fright. Dogs and cats were coming out of their homes. Not just one or two, but hundreds of animals were making their way toward the road as buses traveled to their schools and parents to their jobs. Big dogs, small dogs, strange dogs were barking and the cats meowing as they all traveled in the same direction toward the center of town. People were running to catch their pets, but the animals were in some sort of trance. They were not stopping.
Around noon, the loud buzzing stopped, it simply ceased. The frightened townspeople stopped. They were even more horrified at what they heard next. A voice came out of nowhere, a voice that was rough, coarse and simply chilling to the bone. “Village of Fright, Maine, be at the school at 6:00 tonight.” Everyone was looking around to see where the voice was coming from, but there was no sign or clue as to where this message came from. The village was in disarray…complete chaos. Students were sent home and parents left work to be home with their children. The day went, but it was now no ordinary day. Every man, woman, child living in Fright, Maine was on edge thinking about what was going to happen at 6:00 that night.
The afternoon went on. Families ate their dinner, although no one ate very much. Neighbors came out to discuss they were going to do. Stores were closing early. The town was in near silence when 5:57 came around. The town was gathering at the school when the buzzing noise became the loudest that it had been. Again, just when the noise was at its absolute loudest, it stopped. The same rough voice from earlier was again heard, but this time it sounded closer. A triangular shaped object had appeared above the school. The voice seemed to be coming from this object. “I am here to collect my payments. I want every dog and cat that lives in Fright, Maine. I will take them back to my planet, as we eat them there,” the voice said. Just then, the dogs and cats that were now surrounding the school began to float into the air. The voice said, “Many years ago, we placed dogs and cats on your planet as we had too many to handle, more than we could chew, but now, we are out and need food.” The town was in complete chaos over this news. The kids were crying and the adults were trying to grab the animals which were just beyond their reach. “Once the animals are gone, we will be back for the children,” were the last words the voice said before the bottom of the ship closed up into the sky.
The ship has not been seen since this horrific day so many years ago.

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