Sep 18, 2014

Thursday, September 18th

Today's Agenda:

*RAH Log

*Spelling test tomorrow!!  Sort and study!!

*Moby Max- Vocabulary

*Read about Hiawatha on pages 27-29
(Write one fact you learned about Hiawatha below in the comments if you are able)


  1. Emma L. Hiawatha was a brave man because he was trying to make it peaceful so he told the five nations to stop war and Hiawatha for gave Tadodaho for killing his family and the nations became peaceful.

  2. Cayden D hiawatha was known as the peace maker he left his home to make 5 tribes friends.

  3. Makenna E. I think Hiawatha was happy at first because he had his wife and 2 daughters. Then, Hiawatha got sad because Tadodaho killed Hiawatha's wife and 2 daughters because Tadodaho wanted war.The main idea of the story is that Hiawatha was a peacemaker so his goal was to bring the 5 nations together. Then, Hiawatha was all happy because Hiawatha was friends with Tadodaho because he fixed Tadodaho spine and made him not a enemy any more.

  4. Cameron T. I learned that some people say that Hiawatha is a real person and he is.also I learned that people had wars from all the tribes. also I learned that there was a piecemacker that worked with Hiawatha to get the extremely bad guy named Tadodaho and made friends with him.

  5. Brad R.
    Hiawatha was a brave and a peaceful man because he wanted to make peace with the Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, and Seneca nations of 5 to stop the war and to come together to unite the 5 nations so we can live in peace and harmony but the man Tadodaho wanted evil and a war till they found him in the woods and they toke him to the Hiawatha tribe and they sang to him because snakes were growing out of his head because of all the stress that he was going through so the Hiawatha tribe sang to him to sooth his stress out and he finally said this'' I don't want a war I want peace''. So they all gathered in peace and the all 5 tribes have a belt that stands for the 5 Iroquois/Houdenoshaunee belt to represent the 5 nations and there freedom/peace.That is the fact that I got from the paragraphs of the Hiawatha tribe.

  6. I learned that Hiawatha and Onondaga made their weapons from trees, rocks, and bones. I also learned that there was a man named Tadodaho who was evil. The peace maker wanted him to be nice so he sang him a song and it made him a little nicerm

  7. I think the hiawatha people are strong people. Why I think the hiawath people are strong because they never try to hurt people epeshely the peacemaker .the only time when there was alot of blood and fighting is when the five tribes got into non big warl........I think it was vary sweet when tadodaho was nice after when the people sang him a small song