Dec 7, 2014

Mrs. Hall's Introduction Post

Hello Mr. Mault's class!

I'm excited to be doing occasional posts on the class website. You can expect to learn about fun and educational things that I encounter during my time away from the class. I will be visiting the classroom one more time this year, which will be next Thursday, December 18. After that, my first day back is March 16. I am hoping that these posts will allow me to stay in touch with everyone from class, so feel free to comment on anything you find interesting.

Enjoy your week, and look for my first post!

To the parents: Hello! My name is Mrs. Hall. I am a graduate student at the University at Buffalo studying elementary education. I have been spending time in Mr. Mault's class once a week for the last four months learning how to become an effective teacher. Beginning in mid-March, I will be in Mr. Mault's class every day for student teaching. I have enjoyed getting to know all of your children and look forward to helping teach them in the spring!

Mrs. Hall

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