Aug 11, 2014

Summer Project #4



Step 1: Choose one of the games or toys shown in the video (if you want to select a different classic toy or game, that's okay, too).

Step 2: Research the game or toy, finding out about the history of the toy or game and also any fun facts about the topic.

Step 3: Write a Blog post about the information you found (this should be a couple of paragraphs).

Step 4: Comment at least two times on your friends' posts.

Have Fun!!


  1. I chose to research silly putty. Silly putty was originally called nutty putty, made by James Wright back in 1941 during WWII; he was a chemist that worked for GE. He was supposed to find a synthetic alternative to rubber. He came up with a stickier, gooey, thin substance that GE found was more fun to play with. They would pull it out at company parties and gave to guests as a novelty gift. Ruth Fillgotter was a guest at the party she was an owner of a toy store and decided she was going to sell it in her catalogs at Christmas. It sold out, but she didn’t see a real future so Peter Hodgson her associate did. Peter bought a large amount of the substance and divided it into small hand sized portions. It was around Easter so he put it in plastic containers shaped as eggs to market the now called “Silly Putty”. The trademark name Silly Putty is now owned by Crayola in Easton PA and can be found on store shelves still today.aaron.s

  2. where is all the posts aaron