Jul 14, 2014

Summer Project #2


Due July 25th

First, watch the video below to find out more about short films. 

Watch one or more of the digital shorts from the list below, then complete the project as described in the video.
In your essay, write:

  1. Which video you watched.
  2. A summary of the short film you watched.
  3. The main theme of the short film.
  4. Explain the character's problem throughout the film, as well as the solution. How was the problem solved throughout the video?
  5. Include any thoughts you had throughout the video. What did you learn? Was there a moral?

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore


French Roast


Dia De Los Muertos

When you are done, post your essay in the comments below this post. 

Remember, you need to complete at least 3 out of 4 projects this summer to get the reward of LASERTRON at the end of the summer! :)


  1. One question before I do my essay. How did you get your self into a cartoon character?

    - Brooke N.

  2. Brookie-
    There is an app for iPhones and iPods called Tellagami.

    It's fun! Try it! :)

    -Mr. Mault

    1. I have an app call perfect video but I can ask if I can get the app!!
      - Brooke N.

  3. I watched the video Paperman.
    About a guy who met a girl and was attracted to her. The main theme in this video was he saw her again and decided to get her attention. He saw her in a window and decided to sent paper airplanes to get her attention.
    All of the paper airplanes landed in one spot and gathered, except the one with the lipstick from the beginning.
    The one with the lipstick found the other airplanes and got them going. They found him and the one with the lipstick found her. She knew it was the man at the beginning. They found each other again at the same place.
    If you try to do something it will work out.

    If you want to do something there is always a way.

    1. Colin-
      Nice job with this summary. I think you're absolutely correct, the moral could be to not give up!!

      Hope you're having a good summer!!!

      -Mr. Mault

  4. I watched the short French Roast. There was a poor man who was picking up litter in hopes to find some money. He came into a coffee house asking for money from what looked like a wealthy business man. Turned out he was not wealthy; he lost or misplaced his wallet. He didn’t know what to do so he just say there getting cup after cup of coffee. Then an old lady came in and sat beside him. The poor man came back in to see if he could get some money now others were there. He shook his can at the old lady who opened her purse and gave him a large bill. She had a stash of large Bills in her purse that the business man saw. The old lady fell asleep and the business ma n tried to get into her purse, but he stopped when he saw the police roll up. The old lady woke and went into the bathroom. The police hung up a bounty sign, while he was there the waiter was opening bottle of wine. The policeman drank the wine and fell asleep waiting for the burglar to show. The business man now wanting to make a second attempt to get some of that old ladies money he pulled out a mask that matched the burglale'rs picture. The waiter woke up the policeman and at the same time the poor man entered the coffee house for more money. The police man was fumbling for his gun, the poor man was picking up papers when the gun went off and papers went everywhere. The old woman came out of the bathroom, saw the man holding her mask and grabbed it and left on a bus. The business man began to cry. The poor man picked up a large Bill gave it to the business man paid off his bill for his coffee he drank all day.

    The theme of the story was there was a poor man who was asking for money. An old lady was kind enough to give him money. The poor man saw someone in more need than him so he gave him the money instead.
    The problems and solutions in the short was that, the business man who probably had money just not on him kept buying coffee, not knowing what to do. The poor man made his living asking others for money and picking up trash in hopes to find something valuable.
    I liked the short film, it was something that does happen in real life but in a cartoon way. The poor man saw some else in more need than him and he was kind enough to help him out like others have helped him.
    aaron s

    1. Great job, Aaron. This was definitely one my favorite shorts out of those hat I posted for you guys to watch.

      It sounds like you liked it, too!

      Hope you're having a fun summer.

      -Mr. Mault

  5. I watched The Fantastic Flying Book of Mr Morris Lessmore.
    This short film was about a man named Mr. Morris Lessmore. One day Morris was sitting on his porch and a tornado came and took everyone and evertything to a different place.
    Morris sees a women with brown hair and a white dress on. She was holding a string attached to flying books. She sent a flying book, and it told Morris to follow the book. The book takes him to the library, he saves a book life and writes a book all about the flying books. Then there are many books storming around him and they fly away. Then a little girl comes and the whole story starts again.
    The main theme in the story was to treat books well because they can take you on adventures. Mr Morris Lessmore got taken away from his home and all of his books got ruined but one. Mr Morris Lessmore finds flying books and makes people happy with them.
    I think the message was to be good to other people and things and they will be good back to you, so be nice to other people and things! Linzie M.

    1. Linzie-
      There are so many ways that you can look at this short. It's just like a lot of the books that we read this past school year, there are a lot of interpretations of the content. I could feel that the video (or book) means one thing, where as you could think something completely different. And neither of us are wrong!

      You're right, Mr. Lessmore did show how to take care of books and maybe this is what the author's message was.

      Do you think the creator of this short meant anything by the naming of the main character? Why do you think he may have called his Mr. Lessmore? Does his last name mean anything or is this a metaphor for something?

      Great job, Linz. Hope your summer is going well!!

      -Mr. Mault

  6. I watched the Paperman video. It is about a man and a woman whom meet at a train station. the wind blows one of the man's paper into the womans face When the man turns to look at the paper he laughs. But when he turns back the woman is on one of the trains. Later the man spots the woman in a building across the street from where he is working. He uses the peices of paper and turns them into paper airplanes. He KEEPS ON TRYING, to get the paper airplanes into the window where the woman is before she leaves. He goes throygh all of the paper in the pile but none of them got into the window. Then he got back to work. When he was done working he spots the woman in a crowd of people walking across the street. He chases after her but then he loses her again. Then it almost seemed like the paper airplanes that he through came to life. Most of the paper airplans surronded the man and they wouldn't let him go the wrong way, while the one peice of paper that blew into the womans face when they met, went out to find the woman. they found each other.

    I think the main theme of the video is to keep trying to get what you want to get. I think that this is the message because the man kept making airplanes even if they didn't get where he wanted them to get.

    The character's problem was that he couldn't get the airplanes into the window and he kept losing the woman. The solution to the problem is that all of the paper airplanes that he made came to life to guide them to each other.

    I think the moral is that to keep trying to get what you belive in and never give up. But you have to belive in your self inorder to do good.

    - Brooke N.

    1. Brooke-
      I think the moral that you wrote is correct.
      I also believe after watching this video that the moral could be "Everything happens for a reason," and that "everything will work out if it's meant to be."

      I told a couple people up above in the comments, but I really like this video! I love the digital shorts because they make you feel a certain way without any dialogue. I think these videos are very powerful.

      Nice job, Brooke!!

      -Mr. Mault

  7. I watched the Fantastic Flying books of Mr. Morris lessmore
    This short film was about a man named Mr. Morris lessmore who really likes to read. One day he was sitting on his porch chair reading a great book until l a tornado came. His books were flying everywhere and even people’s faces, people on bikes that were flying and the hotel sign even fell. Mr. Morris lessmore was hanging on to one of the black street light pole until it went flying and he flew by the wind on top of his house, and then came to a thump and the it stopped. All of his books were ripped up except one and he moved. Everything stopped but the people were crying and yelling help meanwhile, Mr. Morris lessmore was looking above him when an angel with flying books on leashes. The book called humpty dumpty came down and stood on the fence watching the man tossing a book in the air hoping that the book would start flying but it didn’t. Soon all the books in his house began to fly he would take care of them and even feed them cereal. Then he sold books and people were so happy. And was just perfect now.
    The theme of this short film is that you should respect books because they will respect you back like respect someone and they will be the same way to you.
    The main character was Mr. Morris lessmore and his problem was that he only had one good book left and couldn’t find any. Throughout the story he found a lot more books in a library that he can now sell to get money to probable buy more books.
    I learned that treat thing the way they should be because if you get a book the first thing you shouldn’t just throw it to the floor you should put it on a book shelf or something. I think that this short film could really teach little kids to be respectful and responsible with the things you have and yes I think there is a moral to the short film!
    By: Chelsie G.

    1. Nice essay Chelsie.
      -Brooke N.

    2. Chelsie-
      I agree, I too think this short film can teach kids to be respectful of books.

      Do you think there is a deeper message than this?

      Morris stayed in this place for a very long time, until he was a very old man. Why do you honk he stayed with these books for so long?

      Why do you think he left in the end??

      Check back Monday for the next project!!

      -Mr. Mault

  8. Will you tell us our next assignment.
    -Brooke N.